WordPress Enterprise Framework enables online ordering for Epicor LumberTrack users

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WordPress Enterprise Framework enables online ordering for Epicor LumberTrack users

Online Ordering for LumberTrackTM Users

WEF’s online ordering for LumberTrackTM makes life easier!

When your company depends on sales, you expect much from your ordering system. Not only must it be reliable, secure, and user-friendly but today it must also be available online in order to compete. This wasn’t always the case for Cox Wood, a premier, treated wood company headquartered in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Do you use LumberTrackTM?

Like many wood product companies, Cox Wood uses Epicor LumberTrackTM software to provide a clear picture of inventory levels as well as production and sales status. This enables them to know what needs to be ordered, and when. Sales reps have clear visibility to what is being produced and can promote those products to their customers.

Is manual ordering slowing you down?

Ordering, however, was still a time consuming process at Cox Wood. It was like trying to stir peanut butter in the jar. Price sheets were distributed manually. Orders had to be faxed in, called in, or submitted in person. You had to call customer service for order status, invoice questions, and even to update your contact info. Imagine what this was like for a company with plants and distribution centers across many states!

Online Ordering with WEF for LumberTrackTM

Then Cox Wood teamed up with markITbyte to take advantage of the online ordering capability of WEF (WordPress Enterprise Framework) for LumberTrackTM. Ordering is now available online, 24 x 7. Here is how conveniently it works:
Select a real-time price sheet from your customer dashboard with the click of a button. Select pricing for lumber, plywood, or specialty products.

  1. Choose how you want the product to ship – by delivery or to be picked up.
  2. Select the products you want and adjust the quantity desired. Then click the “Add to Order” button. You can add different product types to the same order.
  3. Enter the due date and your PO number, and place your order. You will receive an immediate confirmation.

What people are saying:

“WEF online ordering allows me to access my customer’s account and pricing information from my iPad. I can take the customer order and receive a confirmation right on the spot. It is so convenient! Before WEF our sales process took about eight steps. It was slow, with the potential for human error at several points. Not anymore!”
Jonathan Whitehead, Sales, Cox Industries


Online ordering is powerful. When you enable your customers to serve themselves, you save your company time and money, and needless headaches. In the next few blog posts we will be writing about more ways that markITbyte’s WEF (WordPress Enterprise Framework) works hand in hand with LumberTrackTM to make your life easier.