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markITbyte has gathered a group of business professionals, once frustrated by the plethora of media options, software offerings and proprietary solutions bombarding their email inboxes on a daily basis. The idea of a web developer and a programmer who had worked with hundreds of businesses, markITbyte reached out to a loose network of colleagues. The growth of the team and proven best practices, began with learning from each other’s mistakes and triumphs. Recognizing their plight was shared by small and mid-sized businesses everywhere, the group decided to formalize their combined experience into markITbyte Consulting LLC.

Business helping businessSmall and mid-sized enterprises are the backbone of the U.S. economy and there is a measurable advantage to working together; whether in strategic partnerships or simply on the mission of improving the local business environment and job opportunities in the communities and market spaces in which we work.

marITbyte’s consultants are Sales, Marketing, Accounting and I.T. Professionals with experience grown from manufacturing, retail, construction, entertainment and financial planning. Their expertise is supported by software and web developers and independent contractors who are project oriented. markITbyte customers, whether looking for a project management team or simply looking for best practices for an IT-Marketing strategy, can leverage successful solutions without being caught in the trap of proprietary, long-term contractual commitments.

markITbyte’s Cutting Edge Technology Expertise is led by:

Donald Grover

Donald has a decade of web development experience working on both internal and client facing products for businesses of all sizes. He puts a strong emphasis on solutions that are easy to maintain and grow by non-technical clients. A well balanced background including an Electrical Engineering degree, 10 years programming experience, and 6 years of professional ice hockey allows Donald to effectively communicate with any client. For a more detailed description of Donald’s education and experience please visit donaldgrover.com.

Scott Means

Scott has been a professional software developer since 1988, when he joined Microsoft Corporation at the age of 17. He was one of the original developers of OS/2 1.1 and Windows NT, and did some of the early work on the Microsoft Network for the Microsoft Advanced Technology and Business Development group. Since then he has written software for everything from multiplayer casino games to railroad geometry measurement equipment.

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