It’s a buyer empowered world, is your company relevant?

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It’s a buyer empowered world, is your company relevant?

WEF’s Customer Portal for LumberTrackTM saves time and money!

Do you use LumberTrackTM for your lumber company or building material business? If so, you can now provide your customers powerful self service tools using the Customer Portal. When your LumberTrackTM customers can log on to your customer portal, it empowers them.

First, your customers and your Customer Service Reps (CRPs) can easily view these real-time reports with drill down capability, making for more informed discussions and decisions:

  • Pending Orders, Item Stats, Monthly Stats
  • Recent Invoices, Multiple Locations
  • Purchases by Location and Shipping info.

With such data at their fingertips to help guide the customer, your Customer Service Reps can serve as valued consultants rather than mere salespersons.

Second, your LumberTrackTM customers and your CRPs will love having these capabilities online, anytime. They won’t want to switch to another vendor if your company is providing convenient, online tools!

Third, building a customer portal provides an opportunity to talk “with” your customers, not just “at” them. It builds rapport and fosters an ongoing relationship between you and your customers

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services points out that today’s environment is a “buyer-empowered world.” As such, it concludes, “To remain relevant in today’s market, sales organizations need to provide higher-value engagements that meet and anticipate customers’ current and future business needs.” According to this standard, is your company relevant?

Customers find answers quickly!

With the “My Contacts” and “Resources” sections, your customers can quickly answer questions such as:

  • Can I reach my sales representative?
  • Am I able to order online?
  • Can I track my purchases at a moment’s notice?
  • How can I get marketing materials?

The Customer Portal addresses these needs by enabling customers to serve themselves. It is a win-win!

What is the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is a feature of markITbyte’s WordPress Enterprise Framework (WEF), which connects your customer-facing website to the critical data needed to grow both your customer’s business and yours.

The WEF Customer Portal essentially web-enables Epicor LumberTrackTM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for self service. In this buyer-empowered world, WEF ensures that you can engage your customers. Responsive design ensures that your customers can view actionable business data and interact with your company from their laptop, iPad, or smartphone.

The WordPress Enterprise Framework (WEF) has been in continuous development for the past four years. It is being used daily to support both large and small companies, including current LumberTrackTM customers.

Learn more about WEF

The team at markITbyte created the WordPress Enterprise Framework as a solution to quickly and securely develop responsive web content that integrates with your production databases and ERP systems. WEF utilizes the powerful content management features of WordPress and its plethora of plug-ins to make the data in your legacy systems come alive to grow your business. The Customer Portal is a key feature. It’s a buyer-empowered world, does your ERP system help you engage your customers? Would you like to find out more? Contact us!