WordPress Enterprise Framework enables secure access to mission critical data for Epicor LumberTrackTM users

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WordPress Enterprise Framework enables secure access to mission critical data for Epicor LumberTrackTM users

WEF for Epicor® LumberTrackTM software system puts Enterprise-Class Security at your fingertips!

One of the biggest “Aha!” moments for companies today is when they realize that they can bring the strengths of WordPress to their mission-critical data — and do so securely. markITbyte built the WordPress Enterprise Framework (WEF) to enable secure access to your production and ERP data whenever and wherever you need it.

What’s in it for you?

WEF offers peace of mind, secure access to data, online ordering, and lower costs. On monetizing the impact of of just one aspect, online ordering with WEF, Brandt Mitchell, Division Manager at Cox Industries says,

“Every online order saves our sales people 10 minutes. With dozens of sales reps and dozens of loads per day, the dollars saved add up very quickly.”

You just need one website.

WEF also saves design and development cost. Using WordPress with the WEF platform, you can build a single web site that can serve all classes of users – both internal and external, including:

  • Anonymous users and search engines
  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Employees

Your data is secure with WEF for LumberTrackTM.

With one website for multiple user classes, can you be sure your data is secure? No worries! WEF syncs brilliantly with Microsoft Security so you can easily manage who sees what at all levels. WEF makes it possible for you to synchronize Active Directory users and groups within WordPress. Designed as a WordPress plugin, WEF works seamlessly with your company’s existing systems, including Epicor’s LumberTrackTM.

How WEF talks to Active Directory

WEF’s Active Directory Authentication is a custom WordPress plugin that allows WordPress and Active Directory to talk to each other. When users log in to their web portal, the local groups and information are synced with the WordPress online data. They see exactly what they have permissions to see. When users without rights to a content section or search engine crawlers knock on the door, WEF displays a custom “No Access” message.”

Learn more about WEF

The team at markITbyte created the WordPress Enterprise Framework as a solution to quickly and securely develop responsive web content that integrates with your production databases and ERP systems. WEF utilizes the powerful content management features of WordPress and its vast array of plug-ins to make the data in your legacy systems come alive to grow your business. Would you like to find out more about WEF? Contact us!

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